TMH law office specializes in Municipal Law, at the local, regional and national level.

Our firm assists local and foreign clients to establish businesses in Israel and facilitates the compliance with Israeli national legislation and regulations.

We can guide you through the processes of:

  • dealing with local authorities, building planning committees etc., local taxes, surcharges, class actions, financial claims and administrative appeals
  • setting up a (municipal) corporation and operating it, or being employed by one
  • representation of corporations and private people in various ventures to provide legal counsel in the fields of legislation, tenders, commercial contracts, tenders (both Hebrew and English) and all aspects of litigation
  • long term business planning
  • ongoing advice to managements and shareholders facing domestic authorities as well as cross border matters
  • providing legal representation to municipal authorities in our areas of specialization, for example: drawing up contracts, tenders and giving strategic advice to the array of municipal organizations