The fast pace of technological development requires a close monitoring of the changes and developments constantly occurring in this field. It is done by the companies providing the solutions and those receiving them, but especially by the lawyers advising both sides. Many new legal questions arise in the realms of intellectual property, civil and human rights, cyber attacks etc.

TMH lawyers have the necessary legal experience and technological knowledge to excel in this field.  We serve companies providing solutions and those acquiring them. Our lawyers are outstanding deal-makers and have experience in contracts of a technological nature. Our knowledge of regulation, intellectual property laws and litigation enables us to provide our clients with creative and efficient solutions.  In addition, we can advise you regarding: patent laws, privacy laws, copyright, cybersecurity and cyberlaw and more.

TMH Law firm represents and advises companies in different stages of development, from pre-seed, interim stage to fully functional companies.  We are experienced with entrepreneurs, start-ups, venture capital funds, private companies and multi-national public companies. Our lawyers provide comprehensive guidance to clients including initial structuring, equity investments, financing transactions. We have broad knowledge of all forms of technology and interdisciplinary experience in computer software, cyber, bio-technology, internet and media, among others. Hence, we can strategically guide our clients in the creation, acquisition, use and commercial exploitation of technology, as well as all other commercial activities. Whether our clients are raising funds, buying, selling, communicating with the employees, licensing or developing technology-based products or services, we help them with the ongoing management to attain successful business.