Troim, Meir, Mor, Haim & Co. Law Office is a leading boutique law firm.

The firm was founded by Advocate Efrat Troim following 15 years of service as a senior officer in the Police Litigation System of the Israel Police.  Efrat Troim was a senior criminal prosecutor in the Tel Aviv District, where she was in charge of very complex and high profile cases.

The firm is a unique office in that it provides comprehensive and creative solutions to a wide variety of legal matters, including international issues, individual, commercial, taxation and economics cases, white-collar crime. The firm accompanies real estate transactions, and handles business, mediation and transport matters.

TMH provides clients with legal services in a wide range of legal topics accompanying and representing clients in dealings with tax authorities and with other government offices and in litigation relating to the fiscal, civil and criminal aspects of taxation and money laundering. The firm accompanies complex real estate transactions and represents clients in related arbitration processes.
The staff has, over the years, accumulated extensive experience in accompanying strategic clients, both locally and internationally, in large scale and complex transactions while ensuring the clients’ interests are protected throughout the entire legal and business processes
All types of international commercial agreements are drafted fully exploiting the firm’s expertise in many legal fields so as to provide dynamic and professional service to our clients.

As part of its services, the firm provides extensive networking opportunities, in Israel and abroad, helping our client to find investors and entrepreneurs and to establish the joint ventures suited to the specific client’s field and interests.

TMH & Co. Law Office represents many clients in Israel and abroad, strongly emphasizing the provision of professional, reliable and quick service through the lawyers, partners, interns and professionals acting on our behalf.
The staff will be pleased to share with you its expertise and provide you with individual accompaniment, as befits a select and quality boutique firm.